Monday, December 3, 2007


Q. How Do I Post Something?

A. Just submit it via e-mail to

A. Several reasons. I don’t allow profanity. If you submit a post with profanity, I won’t post it. If you post as anonymous, I’d like to make sure you’re not getting too crazy with the posts. Also, if you attack someone who is a private person, I won’t post that.

Q. What’s a “private person”?

A. If you’re not already in a political office or running for office, you’re considered a private person.

Q. Do the same things you’ve just described apply to the candidates?

A. If the candidates post under their own names, no. They can have at it, barring profanity.

Q. Does the same hold true if I’m making a comment to a post?

A. Yes.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's In It For You?

While other blogs do a darn good job of giving the big picture, I thought a niche market was in order. So, here you are. “Running” is focused on the CD5 campaign. Why? Simple. The GOP, especially in Arizona, is deeply fractured for whatever reason one chooses. Because of this, candidates can’t count on the support they once had for money and resources. This is just one small way of helping.

So, what’s in it for you? A little bit of everything. Spirited and insightful discussions, links to sites I hope you’ll find interesting, and a chat room, where the candidates and you have the ability to have an instant chat, speak to one another via an audio link, or do the full Monty by hooking up your webcam.

I encourage everyone to participate. Whether you’re a candidate, a voter, for someone, against someone, it doesn’t matter. You’re all welcome as long as it remains civil. Feel free to send along any articles or news items pertinent to the CD5 campaign, and I’ll be glad to consider them for posting.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Having lurked around the blogosphere for several years, I’ve come to admire and enjoy many of our local political blogs. So, before I continue, let me give credit where credit is due:

The crew over at Sonoran Alliance. They prove that having a blog with a solid support base will trump traditional media every time.

Greg at Espresso. If he can pull a full course load while at the same time maintaining a blog and successfully taking on the Republic and Trib, the least I can do is make a couple of posts. I’ll stop at guaranteeing there’ll be no typos.

Jeff at Politico Mafioso. The “blingmeister” himself, Jeff actually got me started doing this by telling me that if I don’t run for office, the least I can do is blog about it. Jeff is also instrumental in getting me to use Userplane chat…as long as I don’t press the shiny red button.

These are just a few. Framer, Len and the others also continue to give me inspiration.

Thanks, boyos (and girlos).